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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County

Guaranteed Transfer Program

The Guaranteed Transfer Program enables students to begin their education as new freshmen at the University of Wisconsin Colleges and be guaranteed admission to a UW System institution as juniors. Transfer students are not eligible.

Our Transfer Information System (TIS) takes the guesswork out of transferring to a four-year university - GUARANTEED!

Take your general degree credits with us, and you can transfer up to 72 credits to any UW four-year university - GUARANTEED!

Earn enough credits for junior status, and a GPA of at least 2.0 (2.8 for UW-Madison) and you'll be admitted to any UW four-year university - GUARANTEED!

For more information, consult the UW Colleges Catalog or contact Student Services,, 715-389-6530.


Guaranteed Transfer Declaration - Return completed declaration form to Student Services Office.

Welcome Home to Your Future!