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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County

Math League - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Each school is requested to send a team of 12 students.

FORMAT: The league will consist of two types of competitions: individual and group.

Calculator Policy: Scientific calculators will be allowed on the tests. No graphing calculators or cell phone calculators!

Schedule: View the day's schedule.

Register for Math League 2013: Complete the form
and email to Kavita Bhatia.

  • Session 1, Individual Competitions: Each student will compete in one of the three areas: Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus. Each team should have four students competing in algebra, four in geometry and four in Pre-Calculus. Student must be currently enrolled in the subject that they choose for the individual competition.
  • Session 2, Group Competitions: The group competitions will be of two types: Subject groups and Mixed groups. Each group of four students competing in the same subject area in the individual competition will send one representative to the mixed group and the remaining three to the subject group. For example, the four students who compete in Algebra in the individual competition, will send one student to the mixed group and three to the Algebra subject group.
      • Mixed Groups: Three students will form the mixed group. Students in this group will solve problems that require knowledge of algebra, geometry and pre-calculus. This competition will assess how well students can cooperatively apply their knowledge in solving mathematical problems.
      • Subject Groups: There will be three subject groups Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus, consisting of three students each. Students in these groups will solve challenging problems in their respective subject areas.

SCORING:  The score for each team will be obtained by adding up the scores of all the members from the individual competitions and the scores of the team’s group events.


AWARDS:  The following awards will be given for each division:

  • A traveling team trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest score.
  • First and second place contestants in the individual categories will receive medals.
  • For the group competitions, awards will be given for each of the subject groups and the mixed group to teams with the highest scores.
  • Certificates will be awarded to all participants.