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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County

High School Recruiting Visits

Visit UW-Marshfield/Wood County's recruiter, Renae Guldan when she comes to your high school and learn why UW-M/WC is the U for You!




WR Lincoln HS

March 18

2 pm

Facebook IM

March 18

4 pm

Neillsville HS

March 19

9:50 am

Mosinee HS

March 20

9:30 am

Owen Withee HS

March 21

9:40 am

Colby HS

March 21

11:20 am

Stratford HS

March 24

6 pm

John Edwards HS

March 25

12:25 pm

WR Lincoln HS

March 25

2 pm

Stanley Boyd HS

March 27

11 am

Thorp HS

March 27



Counselor Chat on Facebook

Do you have questions about college? Ask Renae Guldan every Thursday from 7-7:30 p.m. on Facebook! Send your Instant Message Question to Renae!