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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County

Bachelor's Degree

At UW-Marshfield/Wood County you’ll get the liberal arts or pre-professional, freshman and sophomore curriculum needed to transfer anywhere you want to complete your degree. You can also complete your Bachelor's degree on campus in collaboration with several UW four-year institutions.

Bachelor's Degree Options

Here at UW-Marshfield/Wood County, we're all about options - options that make your experience here as hassle free as possible. Through partnerships with other institutions, we're able to offer you the flexibility to complete your bachelor's degree right here on our campus, or to enroll jointly with another UW campus.

Contacts for Partnership Programs
Madison Connections ||

UW-Stevens Point:

Shelby Billeb


On Campus: Office in Student Affairs

UW-Eau Claire: Dr. Robin Beeman ||

UW-Platteville: LeAnn Leahy