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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County


Lower tuition, seamless transfer, junior status ...

"I'm transferring to UW-Stevens Point - without a problem. All my credits transferred. It was so easy!"

Bailey Reed and Amber KressBailey Reed, Loyal High School Class of '09, graduated from UW-Marshfield/Wood County after two years. She's attending UW-Stevens Point starting in Fall 2011, majoring in Accounting and Business Administration.

"I spent two years at The Wood. I saved money on tuition and room and board," Bailey said. "And I had the chance to get involved in a lot of activities."

Those activities included serving as a vice president of Student Senate, a campus ambassador, membership in Phi Theta Kappa and tutoring in The Learning Center.

At commencement, Bailey was awarded the William Pors Student Leadership Award - the highest student award presented on campus.

"I loved my time at The Wood," she said. "I got to know my professors really well. I made a lot of lasting friendships, and I had a lot of fun. It was a great experience!"