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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County

Speakers' Bureau / Experts' List

Looking for a speaker for a convention, seminar or civic/community organization? Are you a member of the media looking for an expert source? UW-Marshfield/Wood County has the following experts on staff. Contact the faculty/staff member directly, or contact University Relations, at 715-389-6545.

Dr. Iddrisu Adam
Associate professor, Geography and Geology
Education: B.A. (Honors) University of Ghana, Legon; Grad. Dip. - Norwegian Language and Culture, University of Trondheim, Norway; M.Sc. Environmental Studies; Ph.D. Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Area(s) of Expertise: Environmental Issues, Population, HIV and AIDS, Immigration, Third World Issues, Africa, Weather and Climate Issues, Resource Management, Non-governmental Organizations in the Developing World.
Contact: 715-389-6527 (office) / 715-389-1996 (home)

Dr. Mathew J. Bartkowiak
Associate Professor, English
Education: B.A. UW-Green Bay; M.A. Bowling Green State University; Ph.D. Michigan State University
Area(s) of Expertise: Popular music history, music and social change, popular culture studies, the 60s counterculture, sport, and film.
Contact: 715-389-6547

Kavita Bhatia headshot

Dr. Kavita Bhatia
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Education: B. Sc. University of Poona, India; M.A. Indiana University; Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Area(s) of Expertise: College Mathematics, Technology in Mathematics; Geometry and Topology
Contact: 715-389-6548

Michelle Boernke headshot

Michelle Boernke
Assistant Campus Dean of Administrative Services
Education: B.S. UW-La Crosse, M.S. UW-River Falls
Area(s) of Expertise: Fundraising (special event, sustaining or capital), recruitment and retainting your volunteers, board development and training, team work and leadership development with hands-on learning tools, speak your peace - the nine tools of civility
Contact: 715-389-6537

Ruth Elderbrook headshot

Ruth Elderbrook
Library Director
Education: B.A., English, Edgewood College; MLS UW-Madison
Area(s) of Expertise: Searching techniques, advanced searching techniques, successful fundraising, making fancy desserts, club advising.
Contact: 715-389-6531, 715-384-5213 (home)

Dana Haagenson headshot

Dr. Dana Haagenson
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Education: B.S. University of North Dakota; M.S. Washington State University; Ph.D. University of North Dakota
Area(s) of Expertise: Chemistry
Contact: 715-389-6526

Amanda S. Hakemian headshot

Dr. Amanda S. Hakemian
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Education: B.A. Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT; Ph.D., Northwestern University.
Area(s) of Expertise: General biochemistry topics, methanotrophs and bioremediation.
Contact: 715-389-6502

John Harrington headshot

John Harrington
Tennis Coach
Education: B.S., M.S. UW-Madison; Credits - Berkeley, University of Oregon, University of Oslo Norway, Oxford University England
Area(s) of Expertise: Fitness & health, Heart disease and exercise, Tennis, Basketball, First Aid, CPR/Defibrillation
Contact: 715-389-6557

Helen Johannes headshot

Helen Johannes
Lecturer, English
Education: B.S., M.T.S. UW-Stevens Point
Area(s) of Expertise: Creative writing short stories, novels, Developing student writing publications, International travel with students, Writing contests/judging, Mystery novels
Contact: 715-384-1701

Kitty Kingston headshot

Dr. Kitty Kingston
Professor of Art
Education: B.S. UW-Madison, M.A. and M.F.A UW-Madison
Area(s) of Expertise: Fine art of printmaking and papermaking
Contact: 715-389-6544

Jeff Kleiman headshot

Dr. Jeff Kleiman
Professor, History
Education: Ph.D. Michigan State University, M.A. University of Cincinnati, B.A. Lindenwood University
Area(s) of Expertise: History of the Holocaust, Holocaust Denial, American Religion and Politics, American Political History, American Ethnic History, American Religious History, Jews and Judaism, History of Marshfield
Contact: 715-389-6558

Mary Beth Knoeck
Student Services/Adult Enrollment Coordinator
Education: B.S. in Marketing - UW LaCrosse
Area(s) of Expertise: Returning to school, The Adult Learner, Is school for me?, How to start a new career path, the steps needed to go back to school.
Contact: 715-384-1707

Glenn Kuehn headshot

Dr. Glenn Kuehn
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Education: Ph.D. and M.A. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; B.A. UW-Eau Claire; AOS Culinary Institute of America.
Area(s) of Expertise: Philosophy (broadly interpreted), Cooking and eating, Philosophy and food, Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art, Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Biomedical Ethics
Contact: 715-298-6258

Laura Lee headshot

Dr. Laura Lee
Associate Professor; Biology
Education: B.A. Augustana College; Ph.D. University of Illinois
Area(s) of Expertise: General biology (plants, animals, nature, ecology), Bird watching & Bird feeding, Conservation/Environmental Issues, Related topics
Contact: 715-389-6524

Martin Lee headshot

Martin Lee
Associate Lecturer, Physics
Education: B.A. Eastern Illinois University, M.S. UW-Oshkosh (in progress)
Area(s) of Expertise: Physics, Astronomy, Math, History of Physics & Astronomy, Space Race/Exploration, Flight/Aviation, Related Topics
Contact: 715-389-6541

Brittany K. Lueth headshot

Brittany K. Lueth
Admissions Coordinator
Student Services

Education: A.A.S UW-Marshfield/Wood County; B.S. UW-Stevens Point, M.S. Ed in Student Affairs & Administration, UW-La Crosse
Area(s) of Expertise: College prep, understanding colleges & careers, student involvement and activites.
Contact: 715-384-1705

Dawn Messerschmidt headshot

Dawn Messerschmidt
Financial Aid/Veterans Advisor
Education: B.A. UW-Stevens Point
Area(s) of Expertise: Financial aid, Veterans educational opportunities.
Contact: 715-384-1717

Chris Meyer headshot

Chris Meyer
Network Manager/Network Administrator
Education: B.S., Business Administration, UW-Stevens Point
Area(s) of Expertise: Computer technology
Contact: 715-389-6546

Sandra Neumann headshot

Dr. Sandra Neumann
Associate Professor, Psychology
Education: B.A. and M.A., Humboldt State University; Ph.D., Miami University
Area(s) of Expertise: Animal sheltering, animal shelter volunteers (recruitment, retention and training), adopting to families with children; diversity awareness for adults; awareness of and combating discrimination among adults; disaster preparedness and safety in the workplace; comprehensive sexuality education; environmental sustainability in higher education; living and working as an open lesbian; vegetarian; pagan-partnered mother of a toddler.
Contact: 715-389-6507

Douglas Oba headshot

Dr. Douglas Oba
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Education: Ph.D., Experimental Pathology, University of Florida; B.S., Microbiology, Brigham Young University
Area(s) of Expertise: Viral pathogenesis; Microbial diseases in general
Contact: 715-384-1712

Laurie Petri headshot

Laurie Petri
Academic Librarian
Education: A.A.S. UW-Rock County; B.S. UW-Whitewater; B.S.W. UW-Whitewater; M.L.I.S. UW-Madison
Area(s) of Expertise: Human-Computer Interaction, Search Skills, Advanced search skills; Libraries in the 20th Century; The Digital Divide; Information literacy; Knowledge management
Contact: 715-389-6512

Dr. Carrie Shipers
Assistant Professor, English
Education: B.A. University of Missouri-Columbia, M.A. University of Missouri-Columbia, M.F.A. The Ohio State University, Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Linocln
Area(s) of Expertise: Poetry, fiction, and memoir writing, literary publishing (including literary journals and publishing contests), 20th and 21st-century literature, women writers.
Contact: 715-384-1711

Julie Tharp headshot

Dr. Julie Tharp
Professor, English
Education: B.S. Mankato State University; M.A. Mankato State University; Ph.D. University of Minnesota; Fulbright Scholar
Area(s) of Expertise: Women and violence, Violence in mass media, Multiculturalism, Global perspectives, Women's writing, Native American literature and film, Quilt history
Contact: 715-389-6514

Kimberly A. Valenza
UW Colleges Student Governance Advisor
Education: M.S.Ed. Student Affairs Administration -University of Wisconsin La Crosse, B.A. Marketing - Lakeland College
Area(s) of Expertise: College tuition and planning, Financial literacy for students, student success programs, student leadership and governance
Contact: 715-389-6536

Kelly Wilz headshot

Dr. Kelly Wilz
Assistant Professor, Communication/Theatre Arts
Education: B.A. Gustavus Adolphus College; M.A. Northern Illinois University; Ph.D. Indiana University.
Area(s) of Expertise: Dissent from war; War and film; Gender and war; Rhetoric of war culture; Iraq War films; Gender and popular culture; and Enemy construction, Processes of dehumanization and rehumanization
Contact: 715-389-6550