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University of Wisconsin-Marshfield / Wood County

Severe Weather Cancellations

UW-Marshfield/Wood County rarely cancels all classes for severe weather and only when the campus cannot be safely accessed by a majority of our students. Like other area agencies serving adults, we generally stay open in the midst of stormy weather, even when area public and private schools close. Please note that even when classes are cancelled, that does not mean the campus is closed.

Should UW-M/WC be forced to cancel classes due to poor conditions alerts will be communicated by:

  • An alert through text and campus email through the eAlert Alert Notification System. Click here for more information on opting in or out of the text notification system.
  • Post on the Events Calendar on our Web site (Home, Current Students, Adult Students, Continuing Education, Faculty/Staff pages)
  • Post on the campus Facebook page

Announcements will be made on the following area radio and TV stations:

  • WDLB (1450 AM)
  • WOSQ (92.3 FM)
  • WIFC (95.5 FM)
  • Y106.5 (106.5 FM)
  • MIX96.7 (96.7 FM)
  • WGLX (103.3 FM)
  • BIG CHEESE (107.9 FM)
  • WAOW-TV (channel 9)
  • WSAW-TV (channel 7)

Again, even when classes are cancelled the campus will not be closed even though many radio and television stations will report cancellations as “closures.”